Atomic missiles to guard U.S. cities

Troops sent to Little Rock schools

Sputnik launching surprises the world


Larry E. Beck, 17, of Kinston, N.C., a prospective freshman at Wake Forest College, defeated David C. Leon, 17, of Tucson, Ariz., a high school senior, 6 and 5, at the Manor Country Club, Rockville, Md., to win over a record entry of 1,060 boys. Jack Nicklaus, 17, of Columbus, Ohio, and John P. Konsek, 17, of Lancaster, N.Y., were qualifiers for the fifth time.

Konsek defeated Gordon (Buddy) Baker, 16, of Florence, S.C., on the 24th hole in the round of sixteen, matching the overtime record for the Championship. Fred Taylor, of Portland, Ore., and Robert R. Kirouac, of Sharon, Mass., both 14, were the youngest qualifiers. Kirouac was a qualifier for the second time. Harlan Stevenson was over the age limit and ineligible to defend.

Ned Johnson, of Port Arthur, Texas, won the consolation even with a one-under-par 71 at the Burning Tree Club, Bethesda, Md., where Vice President Richard M. Nixon greeted the boys during lunch. More than half the members staying in the homes of Manor members surrounding the course, and no college or school housing was used.

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