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Rocky Marciano retires undefeated

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Harlan Stevenson, 17, of Long Beach, Calif., defeated Jack D. Rule, Jr., 17, of Waterloo, Iowa, 3 and 1, at the Taconic Golf Club of Willams College, Williamstown, Mass. Both boys were about to enter their senior years in high school, and both were public course players. Stevenson was the third winner from California in nine years.

Another record of 996 boys competed sectionally for 128 qualifying places. Forty-two states were represented by the qualifiers. There were four holes-in-one during the week, three in practice rounds. Virgil J. Prater, of Fountain City, Tenn., defeated Charles F. Lewis, Jr., at the 24th hole in the second rounds. Wayne A. Pence, Jr., 17, of Kansas City, Mo., set an unofficial course record of 31-36-67; it was unofficial only because of a short concession on the fifteenth hole.

In the semi-finals, Stevenson defeated Edward T. Pfister, 17, of Buffalo, N.Y., 1 up, while Rule was eliminating Jack Nicklaus, 16, of Columbus, Ohio, by the same score. Nicklaus was a qualifier for the fourth straight year and had reached the quarter-finals the previous year. Billy John Dunn was too old to defend. David Owens, of Pittsburgh, won the consolation event with a 71, at the Ekwanok Country Club, Manchester, Vt.

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